mileys första show

turné info

TURNE DATUM (inte riktigt alla) + (den första är överstryken eftersom hon hade den showen igår):

29 april: Ecuador, Quito- Estadio Olimpico
1 maj: Peru, Lima- Explanada del Monumental
4 maj: Chile, Santiago- Estadion Nacional
6 maj: Argentina- River plate stadium
10 maj: Paraguay- Asuncion
13 maj: Brazilien, Rio de Janerio- HSBC Arena
14 maj: Brazilien, São Paulo -Arena Anhembi
17 maj: Venezuela, Caracas- Simon Bolivar
19 Maj: Colombia, Bogota- Simon Bolivar
21 maj: Costa rica, san jose -Saprissa stadium
24 maj: Panama, Panama city -Figali Convention
26 maj: Mexico- Mexico city- Foro sol

17 juni: Filipinerna, Manila -SM mall of asia

21 juni: Brisbane-Entertainment centre
23 juni: Melbourne- Rod laver arena
24 juni: Melbourne- Rod laver arena
26 juni (min syrras födelsedag!): Sydney- Acer arena
27 juni: Sydney- Acer arena
29 juni: Adelaide- Entertainment centre
2 juli: Perth- Burswood Dome


mer från presskonferensen

make a wish day- ngn vecka gammal



She looks absolutely lovely!!! Här är bilder på Miley på en presskonferens i eucador 28 april



Nu bär det iväg! 27 april 2010

Här är Miley på LAX flygplats! Nu bär det iväg till sydamerika. Snart öppnar Gypsy heart tour!

mileys överasskning på american idol

MC i toluca lake 26 april 2010

Supertråkig video om vart Miley kmr bo i Lima!


Hennes ny-gamla topp :)


Miley hälsning


Is this why they call her 'Smiley Miley'

Say what?

miley ute med vänner 24 april

Ok, hennes vänner ser extremt tråkiga ut :D På alla bilder när de här tillsammans ser det ut som om Miley vill prata, med de bara ignorerar henne :) Men, det är ju bara bilder och de säger ju nästan ingenting.
PS. Liam var också med, men syns inte på bilderna

(: Har hon gett upp hoppet? :


frankrike gjorde denna till Miley: 

Beautiful girl...

Okej... Jag vet att han sjunger "Boy", men whatever!


glad påsk!

ny bild


+ Bilder från igår (sista dagen av repetitionerna för Gypsy Heart tour)


en tjej på get ur good on skrev detta:
PS. "Shut up?!?!?! For Realz?! That’s so awesome, tell her to take a picture so I can tweet it before I leave town. That would make my week" är Mileys svar

Jessie J sjunger "Party in the USA"

Visste ni att det var Jessie J som skrev "Party in the USA" ? Eller ja, inte ensam, med Dr Luke tror jag (orkar inte kolla).

Make a wish foundation- mer bilder

ny bild från GHT

Miley backstage på Kca med Will.I. Am (För många punkter?)

Miley ute med familjen 21 april 2010

Ysen: Vad kul vi hade det igår!<333

Svar: Jaaa!!!


Här är nya bilder på Cyrus fam ute i Toluca lake.

Make-A-Wish Foundation of America 21 april

Nya låten + twitter + dåligt planerat inlägg

Mileys dansare twittrar till Miley;

+ Nya låten "Get nasty" är fake. Är tydligen en Ashlee Simphson låt. Tack för tipset "läsaren" :)

+Förlåt att jag inte har svarat på några frågor!!! Men ville inte sitta framför datorn hela london-resan, så jag orkade inte... Men nej, jag gör inte mer länkbyten, för snart flyttar bloggen till m-cyrusdaily.fanfusion.org
När jag säger snart menar jag ett par månader :) Och man kan köpa miles to go på cdon.com, du som undrade. Den finns extremt sällan i butiker.

+Nya pics:

+ Kolla in:


Övar inför turnén! Ps. Jag är tillbaka från London nu :)

look who's back!

Miley Cyrus Looks Better Than EverEntertainment, Tish

kungliga bröllopet

sägs vara en ny låt..

se mer

Gå in här och se mer bilder på Miley från 17 april:

gypsy heart tour

twitter updates

Pic 1: 1123. #RADIATELOVE
Pic 2: Rocking piggy tails for the first time since like 6th grade! I love summer time :)
Pic 3: Oh my god!

miley den fantastiska

miley es fantastico :)

Kolla in!

Gå in på twitter.com/mileycyrus nuuu!!!!! Så mkt updateringar

"cyrus feels the love" gypsy heart tour

Var på HMV idag! Bästa skivaffären. Du kan hitta exakt vad som helst. Alltså allt från indiska visor till Lady Gaga. Köpte "Adele 21" :)

gypsy heart tour


Fråga; Det är ej deras kusin det är Noah´s bästa kompis Emily Grace

Svar; Ja och nej. De är bästisar, men de är kusiner. Tishs (Mileys mammas) syster Edi har en dotter som heter Emily Grace och jag tror då att Noah och Emily blir kusiner. Du kan säkert googla på Mileys släktträd så hittar du något.


miley på oprah

Hej! Jag är i England nu, så updaten kanske inte kommer vara den bästa. Iaf, videor kmr snart

get ur good on "Japan relief

Mley dansar 13 april 2011.. SÖÖÖT

She can't be tamed

introduktionen till introduktionen + introduktionen

Så, de första kapitlerna är inte de bästa, men det är de aldrig i böcker. (Ps, jag har "miles to go 5 new chapters" så hon har kagt till 5 kapitel efter hon gjorde The last song)

PS. Ett tips (Om du har en skrivare hemma eller på skolan/jobbet) kopiera texten, klistra in den i word eller liknande och skriv ut. Det är skönare att läsa + då kan du ta bort 'skrivet av  cyrusmiley' taggarna :)


Before the before
It's weird to have an introduction to an introduction. But since this is the first time my book will be in paperback, it seems as good a time as any to do a little refreshing.

The other day I heard someone say, "Youth is wasted on the young." I don't remember who said it, or if they were older or younger or in the middle, but the line hit me and made me think. Sort of like when you see a truly beautiful sunset *I'm in love with sunsets right now* and it just settles in the back of your mind, makes you wonder about all the sunsets you've seen before. I don't want my youth to be wasted. The miles are zooming by and I know that if I don't slow down, I'll miss some of the best ones. That is part of what I loved so much about working on this book. Like I said, Miles to go is one of those stopping points. Where I get to step back, take a breath, and count all my blessings. And yes, I have so much to be thankful for.

7 things I've done since this book came out

1. Made a new CD
2. Made a new movie
3. Hung out with friends and family
4. Recorded a song with an old friend
5. Saw Hannah Montana get to the big screen!
6. Got a goat! (Thanks daddy!)
7. Became addicted to twittter! (and then deleted it!)

I told you I'm way into sunsets right now, and that is mostly because of Tybee Island, Georgia. It's where we filmed "The last song". The movie is based on a Nicholas Sparks *Love his work* book and Veronica "Ronnie" Miller, the character I play, could not be any more different from Hannah Montana. I loved the challenge. The movie is magic. But so is Tybee island. I'm pretty sure the island actually has some kind of magic calming ability. From the moment I got there, I was so happy. I'd sit on the deck of the house we rented with my mom and drink tea and just look out at the water. I loved playing guitarr on that deck, watching the dolphins and just getting back to me. I hated to leave When I did, I cried for days straight *I'll get to that later*. My mom kept telling me that I was lucky, because I had had the chance to experience something so magical and amazing that would live on in the movie and in the friendships I made *Love you, cast and crew!*. It took a while, but then I came around, and now I know what she said is true. (Skrivet av cyrusmiley.blogg.se, kopiera inte). I wouldn't have figured all that out though, if I hadn't stopped to let the emotions soak in. I'm trying hard to keep these memories close to my heart. I want to be able to pull them out on a rainy day, just like I can pull this book out years from now and remember. Like I said, I don't want my youth to be wasted and I don't want it forgotten.

Of course, there are some things I would LIKE to forget. Who doesn't have a moment they would like to erase *You know you do!*? I don't mean to complain and I'm not trying to play the sympathy card- But when you are in the spotlight, people like to make sure you never forget the bad moments. There are a lot of haters out there.
Dad always tells me I need to grow a thicked skin and not care about what people say, but it's pretty hard. I like to say whats on my mind. I like to do what I want to do. It's all a part of beeing a kid, and my parents and friends want me to be a kid as much as I can. But sometimes people say hurtful things. Tell me I'm pretending to be deep. And I guess maybe I am growing a thicker skin, because I realize that I can't please everyone. I'm lucky I have the opportunities I have. I thank God every day for them. Now I have another of those mile markets to plant. This is at a new point in my life, and things are totally changing. But I like the sunsets I saw on Tybee Island, the miles I've alredy gone are going to stay with me. 


Okay, this is gonna sound like a weird place to start, but I think a lot about my hands. I was born left-handed. My dad is also a lefty, but he's absolutely convinced that I'm right-handed. I think it's because he has always said lefties have to "learn the world backwards," and I knowhe had a hard time finding a left-handed guitarr every now and then... (Skrivet av cyrusmiley.blogg.se, kopiera inte). Whatever the reason, from the time I started to write, he had me use my right hand. It worked. In the rest of my life I'm left-handed, but I do write with my right hand. So if you don't like my handwriting- talk to my dad.

Just to mess with my left-handed self a little more, I came across a book about calligraphy and started teaching myself to write chinese  characters. With my right hand. On  a plane. I was flying chartered jet from Los Angeles to New York. The flight was turbulent, the ink spilled at least twice, and I managed to get it all over myself, the paper, the seats of the plane, and, when I tried to clean up the mess, the bathroom. My mom was yelling at me for getting ink everywhere, but I was really into it. The word calligraphy is greek for "Beautiful writing." Belive me, people, if the greeks saw what I was doing they'd make up a new name for it. But I was immediatlely obsessed. I drew the characters for "love", "luck", "life" and "knowledge" over and over again, first slowly and carefully like a kindergarner learning to write, then faster and better.

It's a good thing the plane wasn't equipped for skywriting, or I probably would have tried to convince the pilot to take a stab at the sign "Rock on". There's got to be a ancient Chinese character for that, right?

7 hobbies I was obsessed over for 5 seconds

1. Calligraphy
2. Beading
3. Knitting (for two seconds)
4. scrapbooking
5.Reading the lifestory of einstein
6. Being a marine biologist
7. High fashion

Some people belive that you handwriting tells all you secrets- That the slants and loops and dots of a scribbled to-do list or a note passed in class reveal all there is to know about a person. It's a cool idea, but really I think the only thing anyone can tell from my handwriting is that I'm supposed to be writíng with my other hand. I do almost everything  else- brush my hair, open doors, hold a fork, and carry the reins of my horses with my left hand. And, you know, my dad had a point -I do think the world feels a little bit backwards sometimes even when I'm trying to keep everything going in the right direction. Maybe because I've felt so aware of them, I've always been superprotective of my hands. I know, I know: Weird *You might be reagind this word a lot in this book. Or at least thinking it*.  But I just feel as through my hands are important. My energy comes from them. Everything I do comes from them. My right hand is for art. I use it to play guitar and write. My left hand is for caring. For combing my little sisters hair (Skrivet av cyrusmiley.blogg.se, kopiera inte). For holding hands with friends. For comforting Sofie, my puppy, as we fall asleep. (And occasionally for slapping my brother Braison upside the head when he's picking on me. I know- But everybody has their limits!)

I let both my hands wander freely on a piano, searching for the right notes. My hands steer my thoughts when I write in my journal. They riffle through my bible, finding truths.  The beat for a new song emerges as I drum on a tabletop. I feel my way through hard times. I want all I do to be artistic and loving. Who I am and what I say and whatever hope and joy I may spread- It att comes from my own two hands. Am I right handed? Am I left handed? Am I neither? Am I a singer or an actor? Am I a public person or a private person? Why can't I be all these things? I'm on TV. I'm writing a book. But I also love staying at home with my family. And I feel alone- in a good way- inside my head. Am I the person you know from televison, photographers, even this book? Or are we all, each of us, more exclusive, and harder to define? Who am I to say? Most people know me as Hannah Montana, but Hanna is a televison character. She's fiction. Sure, I've put a lot of myself into her. I've tryed to make her come to life. But that doesn't make her real, and it doens't make her me. This is my very own book -My first chance to tell my story in my own words. But to tell my story, I have to talk about Hannah. And that's okay, because I think people relate to both Hannah Montana and Miley Stewart- my alter egos on TV. There are multiple sides to all of us. Who we are- and who we might be if we follow our dreams. It seems like I'm always answering questions about myself: I do interviews on TV, radio  and for magazines; I talk to paparazzi and strangers on the street. Over and over I tell people (and so far it's always true) that the tour's going great, that the show is so much fun, and I'm so pround of my album. But nobody ever comes up to me and asks, "Hey, how do you feel about your hand? How are they connected to your art? What do they mean to you?" *Suprise, suprise!* (Skrivet av cyrusmiley.blogg.se, kopiera inte). This book is the place where I can explain and joke and muse and explore what's truly important to me. I want to answer the questions I'm never asked. I want to let my guard down. I want to talk about what music meand to me, and I want to show that my life isn't all sunshine and rainbows. It's not like I've never been hurt or broken. I've felt pressure, unwanted, sad, bored and lonely. And I've felt great joy and gratitude. I want to share who I really am- Not the straight-edged, photoshopped, glossy girl who appears onmagazine covers, but a nashville-born middle child who loves Marilyn Monroe and hates vegetables and has some rather funny ideas about her own hands. When I started working on this book I was fifteen and I turned sixteen by the time I finished it. I'm pretty young to be writing about my life. But I'm considered pretty young for plenty of the things I do and enjoy. There's nothing wrong with being young. Young people have lots of energy! We have lots to say. I've never had a shorttage of thoughts, ideas and opinions. I'm having an incredible journey, and it's going superfast. So I want to plant a mile market right here- At this particular bend in the road- before it's image starts to fade as I keep moving forward. I hope you can kick back and enjoy the ride *forget the cheesy driving metaphor* hang with me for a while. 

Så, det var allt för idag! WOW JAG ÄR TRÖTT NU!

Mc och Nc hämtar mat från Sharky's i LA 11 april

Imorgon bitti drar jag till London!!!!

Twitter. Bilder längst ner.

Miley stannar för fans (ett par dagar sedan)

dumma jag + video från 8 april

Okej... Jag är lite korkad... Det är ju olagligt att skriva av en hel bok och lägga upp den på nätet! Aja, på onsdag kommer första delen av boken publiseras, men sen kan jag nog inte skriva på mkt mer. Men jag kan lägga upp bilder från boken om ni vill. De kommer isåfall publiseras på torsdag.

Miley anländer i LA efter ha varit på Oprah winfrey show

Söta Miley är väldigt glad när hon är påväg hem från LAX airport 8 april. Seriöst, vill ha jackan hon håller i!

Mer oprah bilder


Utanför med fans:

IDÉ + saker...

Ok, så jag tänkte, eftersom ni som läser min blogg troligtvis är stora Miley fans ;) så undrar jag om ni skulle vilja att jag la ut ett kapitel från "Miles to go" varje vecka? Tyvärr är finns boken bara på engelska och jag skulle inte orka översätta varje kapitel. Men det var bara en tanke. I alla fall, jag satt nyss och bläddrade i boken och då hittade jag en ganska söt del.


And in the very beginning (av kändisskapet) everything was so new that nothing felt remotely slow. I remember the first time I really gussied up for the red carpet was for the premiere of Chicken little. It was a Disney movie and I wanted to see it, so I asked for tickets to the premiere. Mom and I went shopping for a fancy dress at Charlotte Russe. I remember saying, "Mom, can't I tell them I have a premiere?" I thought they'd give me extra help or bring me a glass of sparkling water or something. Mom said, "No one's going to belive you. Do you know how many people in LA that comes into stores and say that?"
I ended up wearing a black blazer with a cross on it. I thought I was cute- But compared to what I wear these days... When we went to the movie I walked down the red carpet, toward all the flashing cameras and photographers yelling stars' names. "Zach! Joan! Steve!" When I strolled by, the cameras were lowered. There was a silence. They had no idea who I was. So much for my red-carpet fantasy.

When the movie was over, mom and I went to the after-party. Everyone was talking and mingling and everyone seemed to know each other. We got our plates of food and looked for a place to sit. All the tables were full of people who had obviously been in the business longer than me. There was no place to sit. So we plopped down on the floor to eat. Nobody noticed us. We were the biggest losers in history. It was pretty humbling.


Så vad tycker ni? Vill ni höra hela boken från början?

Tyvärr har jag en bra/dålig nyhet. Jag ska till London på onsdag så jag kommer kanske inte kunna updatera bloggen på ca 6-7 dagar. Kika in på fredagen, om jag inte har updaterat den då kommer jag troligen inte göra det under hela resan.
Det är därför jag inte har svarat på Idas fråga om student/avslutningsklänningar. Om du villha ett snabbt svar kan du ju alltid fråga mileyraycyrus.webblogg.se eller mileycyruz.blogg.se, för jag kommer tyvärr inte ha tid.

Miles utanför oprah :)

Ännu mer twitter updates

Wow, vad hon twittrar mycket!

Mileys middag med Joan

Ett fan sägs ha sett Miley, Joan Jett och Art smith ute på middag tillsammans. Så här skrev tjejen:
What does Joan Jett, Miley Cyrus & Art Smith have in common?? Saw them aaaall at dinner tonight, love celeb sitings :)

Det ryktas även att Miley uppträde med Joan under besöket till Oprah som ska visas på onsdag (den 13) i USA.

Låtarna MC kommer uppträda med

Mest efterfrågade låtarna på Mileys GH turné.

Nu bär det av! 7 april 2011

Här är bilder på när Miley är på LAX airport för att flyga till chicago och vara på Oprah.

Twitter. Bilder längst ner.

Hon ser så liten ut på den här bilden!:

Lika som bär?

Om 'Not quite sure what I feel about this':

OM 'YUMMY :)':



Corazón gitano tour, gypsy heart tour

M och N

Miley och Noie i toluca lake 5 april



FRÅGA: Gud älskar alla bilderna på miley snyggt ihopklippt. BTW vet man något mer om hon skulle komma till sverige?

SVAR: Tack så mycket! Nej jag vet inga mer turné datum. Miley skulle ha avslöjat ett par i söndags men glömde väll eller något (?). Jag vet inte så jättemycket om Corazon gitano tour (Gypsy heart tour) förutom att hon ska turnéra i Sydamerika, Asien och lite Europa. Så fort jag fårt veta något om sverige så lovar jag att skriva det.

ADELE "I love Miley Cyrus!"


Nya twitter bilder:


Don't you know you know, you're beautiful

Life is all about havin&#8217; a good timeluv herCongrats for the KCA award


Kommentera lite! Tråkigt att blogga om INGEN kommenterar. Ärligt talat, hade nästan besökarrekord igår men ingen kommenterade :l


MILEYS TWITTER: “‘Do not fear…the Sheenius is here!’ I’m not gonna lie. I came back to twitter for 2 reasons, My fans and to follow @charliesheen #winning.”

CHARLIE SHEEN: “Dear Miley, Welcome back to Twitter! Always felt you were epic… Now you proved it! Thanks for the love! ybh c @gypsyhearttour”

MILEY: “@charliesheen I always felt the same about you! You have taught me everything I know about WINNING. Duh!”


Nya personliga twitter bilder


Miley tar över @Gypsyhearttours twitter

gypsyhearttour Yo guys! Its MC! Thank you so much for my KCA! =] PS I am taking over the Gypsy Heart twitter! Gotta keep ya posted on tour <3 come see me!
vor 39 Minuten
gypsyhearttour Lets get me back to as many followers as before!!!!!! SO EXCITED FOR TOUR I CAN BARELY STAND IT!
vor 38 Minuten
gypsyhearttour @pumpkinseat I am practicing "who owns my heart" using my hair brush as a microphone. I have a freaking cute audience! =] LILA!!!!
vor 34 Minuten
gypsyhearttour @LoveForCyrus I dont think @mileycyrus is coming back any time soon but help me get as many followers! I wanna connect with my fans =]
vor 21 Minuten
gypsyhearttour MILEY WON is still trending WORLDWIDE! How did I get so lucky =] I have the best fans ever!
vor 16 Minuten
gypsyhearttour "Do not fear...the Sheenius is here!" I'm not gonna lie. I came back to twitter for 2 reasons. My fans and to follow @charliesheen #winning
vor 10 Minuten
gypsyhearttour Lets make this a trending topic. #RADIATELOVE
vor 7 Minuten
gypsyhearttour Let your light shine. Be a source of strength and courage. Share your wisdom. #RADIATELOVE
vor 5 Minuten
gypsyhearttour Laying in bed listening to Adele. 21 is my favorite album of 2011.
4 hours ago
gypsyhearttour Sunday is my favorite. I have yet to leave the house. I'm sitting in front of my fire place listening to Jeff Buckley. GOD bless his soul.
3 hours ago
gypsyhearttour Eating dinner with my beautiful family. GOD is so good. #RADIATELOVE
2 hours ago
gypsyhearttour One of the many reasons I love my life :) oh Lila. Why are you so perfect???

Miley ute med familjen 3 april


Ny mileyworld video!

GHT sälsynta bilder

mobilinlägg är så jobbigtööööö

Miley avslöjade i en intervju med e online "jag älskar Rebecca Black". Det har gått rykten oom att stjärnan inte gillar henne.hon äsger att hon vlev felcitrerad. Själv tycker jag hon suger maen jaja...

mer snabba bilde från kca + hon vann "bästa skådespelesrka"

videor: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=EHwTIaoKboQ#at=17

r snabba

oh no

Måste gå, men det finns jättemycket nyheter. Igår var t ex Kids choice awards och Miley vann! En snabb bild


Beautiful girl. SÄLSYNTA BILDER

Miley ute med vännen Liam Hemsworth 31 mars



Detta skrev oceanup nyligen:





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